• Lick My Spoon Chocolate Fruit Bars - Orange Cardamom Spice, Strawberry, Berry Rose

  • Orange Cardamom Spice Bar - 2020 Good Food Awards Winner

    Strawberry Bar  and Berry Rose Bar 

    You will receive 1 of each lovely hand crafted bar.

    Cardamom Orange Spice Bar - Kristine's hand made Pistachio and Almond nougatine crushed and mixed with candied orange, enrobed in a Cardamom spice 34%  creamy White Chocolate couveture.

    Strawberry Bar - Delicious, fresh picked taste of Strawberries from the garden.  Intense strawberry confit flavor couveture chocolate,, decorated with beautiful slices of freeze dried strawberries.

    Berry Rose Bar -  Beautiful bar decorated and flavored richly with freeze dried Raspberries and Strawberries, enrobed with Rose flavored 34% creamy White Chocolate couveture.

    Each bar is hand crafted by Kristine Insalaco-Gaioni 

    Master Chocolatier

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  • $ 37.99

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