• First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Del Buon Tromboni

  • This Single Estate Extra Virgin, Unfiltered, Olive Oil; Del Buon Tromboni is from a small town close to Spoleto Italy, Castelleone within the D.O.P. zone of Umbria, Colli Martani. The olives are handpicked, from trees greater than 400 years old, carefully as they always have been through the centuries, and farmed organically. This ensures a perfect fruit that bursts with flavor at the time of cold pressing. When the Extra Virgin Olive Oil flows freely from the reservoir after the first press it is a majestic green, a true gift of the gods! It said by many that this oil crafted by Marco Del Buon Tromboni is the freshest, most aromatic, smoothest and best oil they have ever tasted! 


    Umbria, Italy, Single Estate,


  • $ 19.99

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