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  • The Clemente Oil Mill is a family run estate, which for four generations has been involved in selecting and producing extra virgin olive oil exclusively within the Gargano National Park. Since 1895 the family has been growing approximately 400 hectares of olive groves, located near the Paglicci Cave in Puglia, Italy, a very important archaeological area.

    The Montagna Sacra (Sacred Mountain) Olive Oil got it's name from the fact that one of the holiest saints of our time, Padre Pio, came to practice his faith and religious vocation as a Capuscian Monk on the mountain top of the Gargano in the town of San Giovanni Rotondo.

    When one climbs to the top of the Gargano to the town of San Giovanni Rotondo, pilgrims and tourists can be found in the recently built church dedicated to God and this holy man. Most pilgrims and tourists are greeted at the very top of the mountain with the view of the magnificent, modern hospital Padre Pio had dreamed to create. This holy man lived to see this dream come true and to benefit those who live in the Gargano.

    Olives are mechanically milled, and the oil they produce is nitrogen-stored in steel tanks and bottled just a few days prior to its delivery.

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